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Comet, also known as grass goldfish, is that people passed through the negative selection from the goldfish, orientation training is made. Colors, Smart casual, disease resistance and good feeding.

About Grass Golden Grass goldfish called goldfish or golden grass carp, the earliest documented a Warring States Period《Shan Hai Jing》. The book referred to "Suishui out Yan, southeast flow injection in the river, of which more than Dan Su, multilingual Fish. "was mentioned in today's Anhui Sui Sui Shui is the river, which at least shows that 2000 years ago, there is the discovery of gold carp. After prevailing in the south of Hangzhou, Jiaxing, these two areas are two of China's goldfish origin.

Kim carp

There are one-tailed swallowtail grass grass goldfish and goldfish. They are the original type of goldfish, and goldfish ancestors - the golden carp is similar to viewing a large area is the main species in the waters. Zigzag bridge in the water, such as Shanghai and Hangzhou City Temple Huagangguanyu waters are a paradise for their growth.

(1) Grass goldfish: commonly known as red or gold crucian carp, takes the shape of spindle, not forked caudal fin, back, abdomen, chest, anal were normal. Physical robustness, adaptability, broad diet, easy to raise. In addition to red in color, there are red and white flowers, streaky so. Parks and natural waters for large-scale farming, also in the courtyard pool and aquarium tank for keeping.

(2) Dovetail: body short tail specialty, full-length fish tail fin is about 2 / 3 or 2 / 1, like the swallows tail forked tail fin back, hence the name swallowtail. It is higher than the level of grass evolution of the species of goldfish. Lively personality, easy feeding. In the suit, with the exception of red and white, and red and white colors, there are flowers and colorful glass, etc.. Existing varieties of red swallowtail, red and white swallowtail so. Grass goldfish caudal fin with long tail and short tail of the points, short-tailed goldfish are generally called grass; Elliot who said, or swallow-tailed goldfish tail grass (some varieties of foreign and swallow tail feathers tail fin similar, hence the name). British, American and so called "comet."

Long-tailed Grass goldfish fins slender, like the wind streamers general, You pose a very beautiful, suitable for keeping in the aquarium, enjoy side. Reference goldfish not uncomfortable to say: I love grass gold, gold will be crazy grass, grass gold ancestors of all goldfish.

Comet Comet
Comet Comet
Comet Comet